Welcome to Stepping Stones in Life, providers of compassionate Down’s syndrome therapy

Whether you or someone in your family is living with Down syndrome in Alice Springs or the Northern Territory’s capital, our team at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service can help you deal with the hurdles you face and gain a new outlook on life. We have a huge and varied range of approaches to Down syndrome and therapy in Darwin and elsewhere: we endeavour to offer our clients custom-tailored solutions to the issues they are facing. Our staff are the most compassionate and friendly in all of the state, and have a huge knowledge of various developmental conditions, which helps them truly empathise with and understand our clients.

Get in touch with us at (08) 8985 6067 or admin@steppingstonestherapy.com.au to book in a session. We endeavour to help individuals and families with Down syndrome make the very most out of their lives by improving their mental, emotional and physical health – ask us how we can help you today.