Effective and affordable speech therapy

Talking to our team at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service is an excellent way to find a speech pathologist in Darwin (or Central Australia’s greatest town) who can help you achieve consistently effective communication. Our professionals also provide speech therapy in Alice Springs, which has helped many patients to feel empowered and able to function socially.

There are few things more important in modern society than being able to socialise with others and get one’s ideas across effectively. Our Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service team have a deep understanding of this concept, which has been gained through years of experience working with patients with a wide variety of speech-related issues. You won’t find a more compassionate and expert speech pathologist than someone from our team.

Call us at (08) 8985 6067 or send an email to admin@steppingstonestherapy.com.au to set up an appointment.