Does Mobility Increase Training Performance?

In the past, before you went on a run or started exercising in the gym, you would perform a series of stretching exercises to warm your muscles up before you start straining them. However, in the last few years there has been a revolution in the way that athletes get themselves ready to exercise, and mobility exercises can help you to avoid injuries. Our physio in Darwin can offer you some more information about how this type of exercise will help you in the future.

What does mobility mean?

The term mobility has become a bit of a buzzword among athletes and people who enjoy sport, but it can also be an incredibly useful way to stop your body from stiffening up around the joints. In fact, many experts describe mobility as an active movement around your central joints, including hips, knees and ankles. The aim is to increase mobility and reduce the chances of injury.
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Mobility versus stretching

Research on sports players tested the results of motility training rather than static stretches completed before sprinting for 20 meters. The evidence suggests that it is faster to use motility exercises rather than warming up using static stretching. The research concluded that for those wishing to optimise their exercise routine, motility could be the key to unlocking extra speed or strength. At Stepping Stones Therapy we can help you to improve your activity levels with a focus upon increasing the flexibility of your joint muscles.

Improving health with mobility stretches

The best way to introduce mobility tasks to your routine is to introduce them in the form of stretches. Moving your legs from side to side while supporting yourself against the wall can ease the risk of damage to hips and thighs. Performing hamstring stretches while lying on the floor can also help to reduce the risk of injury to this part of the body. You can also seek help and advice from the team at Stepping Stones Therapy who can instruct you on the best mobility exercises for your physical needs.

Talk to us about mobility stretches

If you want to avoid injury during exercise and a trip to our physio clinic in Darwin, then you should talk to Stepping Stones Therapy about increasing your mobility through specialised stretches. To find out more, send a message through our contact form, or call 08-8985-6067 now.


Barbara Kapser

Barbara Kapser

Barbara Kapser is our psychologist at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service in Darwin. She's a member with the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health.
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