Therapy Services in Darwin

Our therapy services help our clients to improve their quality of life – through bolstering their overall health, in body and mind.

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Our full range of services in Darwin & across the NT include:

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We are a professional therapy clinic in Darwin and travel across the Northern Territory

At Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service, we believe that a family centred approach is the most helpful one when providing therapeutic services to families in Darwin and Katherine. Our team provides parents and children with therapy that helps them deal with, understand and overcome a wide variety of issues, problems and concerns in their lives.

Therapy services in Darwin


We provide a wide range of therapy services to help children and families cope with difficult situations, overcome developmental delays, or simply work through problems with greater communication.

Training & Workshops

We offer ongoing training and workshops as part of our therapy services to help families and individuals learn new techniques for dealing with problems and overcoming issues.


We’ll give you a thorough assessment to determine which services are the best fit for your needs.


“Therapy” is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve behaviours, feelings, relationship issues and more. We offer various therapies including psychology and counselling.


Different therapy services we offer such as speech therapy or occupational therapy help children and adults to manage their disability or recovery from injury or illness.

Sometimes combining more than one type of therapy might be the right approach. We’ll assess you and identify what would benefit you or your child.

We can carry out various assessments, including cognitive tests, developmental tests, and one-to-one assessments.

There’s no set preparation. Some people find it helpful to note down questions they have or points they’d like to discuss during their initial session.

We provide the following therapy service options


Individual treatment sessions

Play therapy (counselling)

Clinical assessment (SP, OT, Psych)

Group treatment sessions

Social skills groups

School & child care programs


Individual counselling sessions

Individual treatment sessions (OT, SP, Psych)

Clinical assessment (SP, OT, Psych)

Group treatment sessions

Community based programs

Social camps


Individual counselling sessions

Couple Counselling

Individual treatment sessions (OT, SP, Psych)

Group treatment sessions (catering for a range of issues including adults with Aphasia and postnatal depression)

Clinical assessment (SP, OT, Psych)

Parenting programs (123 Magic & Emotion Coaching, Circle of Security, Triple P Parenting)

Workshops & training workshops


We value and respect the independent views and opinions of the families, individuals and organisations we work with.

Inclusion into Community

As a service, we ensure all clients are assisted toward the end goal of participating and being included within the community.


We assist through problem solving together, honouring and recognising that parents and caregivers are the experts of their children.


We abide by the Health Professional Registration Board code of ethics, conducting all services in a professional, reliable and honest manner.


We value and respect the independent view and beliefs of families, individuals and organisations we work with.

Inclusion into Community

We strive to ensure all clients are included in community participation and are well supported toward their end goal and being included within the community.


We work in collaboration with primary caregivers to problem solve, honour and recognise that they are the experts of the client.


At SSILTS we do what we do and we do it with honesty and belief. We speak honestly and professionally about our goals. We share our challenges and our successes. We treat others as we would wish to be treated. We do not break confidentiality.


We focus our efforts on being positive, with a solution-focused view. We do not dwell on the past, nor do we speak negatively about the organisation and it’s people. We rejoice with others and find joy in their happiness. We do not complain about others
positivity or enjoyment.

Commitment and Honour

Keep your word and your commitment to the business and clients you work with.

Team Spirit

At SSILTS we play for each other. We are stronger and better working together. We value everyone’s contribution. We consider the impact on others before we act. We do not compare ourselves unfavourably to others or do things to make other’s lives harder.

Responsibility, duty and accountability

At SSILTS we value staff who
own their mistakes and work
to do better in the future. Act
responsibly, do your duty and
be accountable. Telling the
truth, even when it’s difficult is important, as we want to
avoid deceitful behaviour.

Enjoyment in what we do

At SSILTS we take pleasure in doing what we do. We work hard and do a good job. We greet clients and colleagues with a smile and appreciate the best in everything and everyone.

Ethical Behaviour

Operate within the code of ethics of your profession, the companies policies and procedures and know your limits for scope of practice.

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