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Here at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service, our therapists in Katherine genuinely care. Whether you’re struggling with a traumatic event, communication issues or are looking to become more independent, we will tailor our services to suit your goals. Helping children, adults and families, we aim to improve the quality of life of our clients by providing:

Therapists in Katherine Kindly Assisting Elderly

And more. From the initial consultation to the assessment and delivery of services, you will feel safe, comfortable and welcomed throughout the entire process.

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A Passionate Therapy Team

Our therapists have experience working with a range of clients and a range of conditions. We have the tools and therapeutic models in place to help our clients overcome their issues as well as develop coping mechanisms and independence. From Giles Street to Lockhead Road and everywhere in between, our therapy team is committed to assisting Katherine locals to develop their social, communication and emotional skills.

Engaging a therapist can often be overwhelming and often knowing what assistance you need is difficult. We provide comprehensive assessments to determine the most suitable therapy plan to help you achieve your specific goals. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call on (08) 8985 6067.

Speech and language therapy is an important treatment for those with communication difficulties. Through working with our speech and language therapists in Katherine, clients can learn how to overcome the challenges associated with speech, language and swallowing.

Occupational therapy can help people in Katherine who have conditions that limit their ability to function in daily life. We work with patients to help them regain or improve their ability to perform everyday activities such as cleaning and cooking.

By talking to someone who will listen without judgement, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves. This is the foundation that our psychology and counselling services in Katherine are built on.

Expressive arts psychotherapy can include any type of art form, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, dance or drama. Our therapist in Katherine will help you to express yourself through your chosen art form.

Our selection of workshops, parenting classes and other training resources will assist you in becoming an active driving force behind your own improvement. These workshops and support groups are available in Katherine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some signs that your child may have developmental delays include not being able to sit up, crawl or walk by the expected age; not being able to speak in short sentences by 18 months old; and having difficulty following simple instructions.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies depending on the individual child. Some speech and language therapists may work with children as young as six months old, while others may not start working with a child until they are three years old. It’s best to speak directly with a therapy provider to discuss your options.

Occupational therapy is a form of therapy that helps people to overcome difficulties that are impacting their ability to live independently. It can involve helping people to develop the skills they need for daily living, such as dressing, cooking and using the toilet. Occupational therapists also help people to adapt their environment to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

Animal therapy is a form of therapy that uses animals to help people with their mental and emotional well-being. It can involve activities such as petting, walking or grooming an animal. Animal therapy has been shown to be beneficial for people of all ages, including children, adults and the elderly.