8 Traits of Great Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy is designed to help patients who are suffering from illnesses or who are recovering from surgery, showing them ways to carry on living their everyday routine. Like most practitioners of occupational therapy, Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service hopes to help you adjust to your environment. If you’re searching for an occupational therapist in Darwin, then there are some traits that you should be looking out for.

Therapist with child in Darwin

Patient focused

Most occupational therapy involves working closely with a patient. They will help their clients to deal with every step of their way to recovery, including job roles and daily tasks. An occupational therapist needs to be focused upon the needs of individual patients.

Great communication skills

Occupational therapists must be able to listen to their patients and talk them through their progress. They must tell clients about working through different situations.


When you come to Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service, you will notice that your occupational therapist is a good listener and is also very observant. They should be able to assess your injuries or illness for themselves, and recognise the reasons for abnormal movement or discomfort when walking.


Occupational therapists have to demonstrate compassion when they are dealing with clients who need to alleviate pain and suffering in the daily routine.


It should be no surprise that the occupational therapists that work at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service require physical strength to help their clients.

Being positive

When you are working with patients who are often in extreme discomfort or who are facing big alterations in their lives, it is important that you are beat, and many of our occupational therapists are very upbeat and focused upon positive goals and strengths for clients.


Occupational therapists have to be adaptable to work with clients coming to Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service. They will need to help them with many skills and stages to ensure that they can live a regular life.

Having knowledge

Your occupational therapist will need to have knowledge of the body, and will have been to classes to teach them all about physical movement and stability.

A good all-round occupational therapist

If you are looking for help with occupational therapy in Darwin, then you will need a good all-round occupational therapist who demonstrates the traits named above. Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service can offer you high quality treatment with hard-working staff. To find out more about our services, fill in our enquiry form or call 08-8985-6067 now.


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Barbara Kapser

Barbara Kapser is our psychologist at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service in Darwin. She's a member with the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health.
She specialises in perinatal infant mental health, attachment disorders, developmental trauma and behaviour support.