Do I Need Occupational Therapy?

An occupational therapist is there when you need assistance with a variety of different physical problems. You may begin your treatment as an inpatient, or attend an outpatient assessment, depending upon your needs and the circumstances of your medical condition. If you want to know more about receiving occupational therapy in Darwin, and need help to decide whether you need it, Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service can offer you some more information about whether this process is right for you.

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Getting help with functional activities

The majority of our patients come to see us because they have problems with performing standard functional activities. These might include mobility, washing and dressing, cooking and preparing food, or getting help in and out of bed. Sometimes, these functional issues are caused by a recent injury, such as a broken bone, and sometimes they may occur as a result of illness.

Receiving therapeutic activities

In order to assist you with your functional activities, the occupational therapists at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service will help you by offering therapeutic activities. These treatments are designed to help you with a variety of different tasks, including movement, coordination, and strength training. For example, after an operation to repair a shoulder, the occupational therapist might help you to build up a range of movement in the shoulder joint as a part of your recovery.

Managing equipment

If you have some problems with performing functional activities, you may be provided with a number of pieces of equipment, such as splints to support your limbs while they are healing, walking frames, pieces of exercise equipment and even devices designed to help you move from the bed. The team at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service can help you to manage the use of this equipment, including holding frames correctly or using a walking stick to aid with your stability.


If you have had an injury which is affecting your quality of life, or if you have a slow-progressing illness which is affecting your ability to move, then you may need a mobility assessment. This might include a wheelchair assessment designed to provide you with the best fit for your needs.

Seek help from us now

When you realise that you need occupational therapy in Darwin, speak to Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service today. You can contact us via our enquiry form, or call 08-8985-6067 now.


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Barbara Kapser

Barbara Kapser is our psychologist at Stepping Stones in Life Therapy Service in Darwin. She's a member with the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health.
She specialises in perinatal infant mental health, attachment disorders, developmental trauma and behaviour support.